Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ni Hao Ma !

Hi Everyone !
This is Mom writing ....took me a few times getting Kelsie's blog up and posted ! So sorry started from the her first week at the Provo MTC . 

Nov. 12 - 17 , 2014

Dear Family and Friends!

First things first! Miss and love all of you guys!
Thank you for all the letters and packages you sent! I can tell you that a lot of missionaries were jealous that I was so loved!

I've only been here for six days and so many things have happened all ready! The first day I dropped off everything I had at my dorms and then they gave me, and I swear, 20 pounds worth of BOOKS! I've never seen so many Chinese books in my life!
There was a dictionary, two Preach My Gospel's both in pinyin and characters, a gospel study in Chinese, a Character Chinese bible, a Book of Mormon all in English, pinyin, and characters inside, and some others books I have yet to touch. I was so overwhelmed when I was sent straight to class where I met my teachers, classmates, and my two companions (Giang JieMei & Hu JieMei).

All the sisters in my district have some Chinese experience and are really good but the all the elders have never ever been associated with Chinese so they try but us sisters can't help but laugh at them. Class time is basically learning the gospel in Chinese! I have six hours of class time everyday and the rest of the time I'm either in personal study, companion study, or additional language study. I've never been chained to a desk before! But it was all worth it because last Friday was the first day my companions and I taught our first lesson with our investigator (mudaoyou) Yang Ju! It was amazing! The Spirit was so strong when we were teaching! It was amazing and the whole discussion was in Chinese!!! It was hard but I knew what he was saying and when I bore my testimony in Chinese I really felt the Spirit! It made me so excited to teach, especially in Mandarin!! There is something about teaching in Chinese that makes me even more confident then if I was teaching in english! What an amazing experience! I love it here!

My mandarin isn't that great though and plus my companions are amazing at it so it been a little discouraging since we have class everyday all day long. Its hard to keep up with them. But I'm trying and that's all that matters right?
I thought there would be a ton of Sister Missionaries but there are sooo many Elders here. It was impressive. Their all from Utah and straight out of HS though.
My Branch President is super sweet. His name is President Teng and he was very encouraging about me learning Chinese. I'm not going to lie but I started to cry a little because he looks like dad!

PS. To my lovely sister, brother in law, and niece. Miss you all and hope you guys are loving it in Washington. Hope to hear from you!

1. This morning I went to the Temple! It was awesome! BUT IT IS SOOOO COLD HERE IN PROVO!! Yesterday was Sunday and apparently every sunday is "Temple Walk", which means we "get" to walk up to the temple and walk around it. SO, with my one coat that I've been wearing everyday and my flats, I froze! I prayed so hard the day before that the sun would come out because these past few days its been so dark and gloomy. So, I'm not sure what I'll do when it starts SNOWING!!

2. Yeah, we have Sports day every morning at 725 to 825. Lately all I've been doing is running around the indoor track.

3. My box hasn't come and either has my skirt or my shoes??? It's okay I actually don't check my mail my district leader does so really it depends on him when we wants to check it. Usually everyday though.

4. I have two! Sister Giang is from Sydney Australia and shes going on her mission to Australia. Sister Haupt is from Springville Utah and shes going to Taibei, Taiwan. They're amazing! I love them! Hu Jie Mei is a sweetie straight from high school that took Chinese and Giang JieMei is way older than us and she speaks Cantonese fluently so she's going to" fast track" soon to leave the MTC earlier. Bytheway: I'm here for NINE WEEKS exactly! We're the only new missionaries in our zone right now so everyone is a "know it all" and preparing to leave for their missions.

5. The foods okay-ish. No rice, which is kinda sad :( But all I've been eating is Salad and soup because its cold.

Well...its been an exciting week and ending my first week here at the MTC. Will write to you all next week. Miss you all !

Love eternally, Sister Komatsu

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