Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Chinese is HARD !

Mom here again ......Second week at the Provo MTC.
Nov. 18 - 24 , 2014

Dear Family and Friends

My dorm is nice. Actually the bed are way more comfortable then I thought they'd be. They're so comfortable that I dont want to get up in the morning. There's six beds to a room so thankfully there are only three of us. We're barely in our room. We're really only there to sleep. 

1. My Chinese is going. If you read my little thing to Kellie I'm learning new things. Harder things like memorizing the first vision or gospel principles and doctrine or bearing my testimony. In sacrament we say everything in Chinese and for Sacrament you have to prepare a talk every week because they call you up that day to say your talk in Chinese! So I stress every Sunday now.

2. There is no time for studying! Like I said I have all the time and when we do have a break it's usually for lunch or dinner. PDays are pretty chill. We go to the Temple, do laundry, clean our rooms, write emails, and study. 

3. We found out that our first investigator is a teacher here at the MTC and actually he's our NEW teacher. It was funny. He just walked into our class with his suit and tie and nametag. It was weird because we were first teaching him and now he's teaching us. It's crazy here. The MTC keeps you on your toes. We learn a lot of Chinese but we also learn a lot how to be teach people and how to teach according to their needs. Recently we learned about a our new investigator. So we might be teaching tomorrow or sometime this week. I'm not sure. But the older sisters that have been here longer told us that we will soon teach lessons  to investigators over video chat that are in Taiwan. That's sounds scary but sounds awesome!! 

4. There are too many outstanding spiritual experiences here to tell you one. One was our devotional yesterday that was by the 2nd counselor in the RS Presidency(Sister Marriot). She talked about sister missionaries and she became converted to the church. It was wonderful. She taught about how the Spirit will guide you to say the things you are to say, especially in learning a new language. The day before I was feeling a little down becuase we roleplayed in class discussions and since my companions are fantastic I was so overwhelmed. I didnt say anything because I didn't know anything. We had companion inventory, (which is just talking about how we feel as a companionship so since it's the three of us we really needed it) Anyways I expressed that I was sorry I wasn't that great. I know we're not suppose to compare ourselves but it's hard to learn and study with them because they know more than me. Like I'll say something- usually its wrong and so they can't help but correct me which brings me down all the time.So that sunday Sister Marriot talked about how "you should be grateful where you are in the language because it will gain people's attention." She talked about how she was on her mission learning a new language and how people would stop and turn and listen to her because she couldn't speak very well or that it didn't sound right. She encouraged us that it's okay because it will teach them that a young person, like me, would try so hard to learn the language and teach this gospel. It does something to people. She said to be grateful and be trusting in the Lord. There are soooooo MANY promised blessings of the gift of tongues. But that it can only be used when we are willing, with confidence, open our mouths and say something. It was amazing!! I cried and my companion ( wode tongban) said that talk was for me. And it was.  So yes it's hard and it'll be harder but I know I'll learn with time and learn thing I'll never learn while learning a new language. Again it's hard  but "I know in whom I've trusted".

5. My companions are awesome. They're seriously not bad people as I made them out to be! They are sooo sweet and they really do encourage me! They honestly just push me harder. I think if I had companions that didn't know Chinese I wouldn't be where I am now- at a really good level. So, they actually kick my butt when I wanna be lazy mentally and also physically. They kick me out of bed in the morning. So, they're great actually! Heavenly Father gave them to me so that I'm great for when it's time to go to Taiwan.

7. Hows the food ? Now that I've been here for two/three weeks I HATE THE FOOD. Now, that's harsh but nothing is healthly. I eat a bowl of salas all the time or I eat Hot Pockets out of the vending machines LOL. Like there's burgers and fries all the time! Plus they always have dessert. I serious gained 8 pounds! No joke!

8. Yes, I need more clothes. It was snowing today but then it stopped. I pray all the time that it wont snow and my companion (Hu JieMei or Sister Haaput) prays that it will snow. So, I told her that if it snowed or didn't that that person prayed the most. It's cold. Also, my sister training leaders are suppose to leave soon for Taiwan but sometimes visas dont get in as soon as they think so they all thought they were going straight to Taiwan but I believe they all got reassigned for the next 6 weeks somewhere state side then they're going to Taiwan later. So, if that does happen to me when I'm suppose to leave I might need more winter clothes. But that wont be for a while! :) 

PS Thanks Mom! I'm trying not to get sick! I'm sure I'll just need time to readjust to Utah.
Here's some pictures from last week sunday @ the Provo Temple!!

Wo ai nimen!!

Love, Komatsu JieMei

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