Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year !!! From Kelsie


It's almost 2015! WOW, how time flies!

 So much happened this pasted week! It was Christmas! Christmas was amazing! I don't know where to start or what to tell you about!

Monday 22th: Cleaned the Temple. Cleaned the crystals from the Celestial Room's Chandelier. Spiritually uplifting!
23th: Presiding Bishop of the Church: Bishop Gray E. Stevens spoke @ Devotional
24th: Christmas Eve. An ordinary work day. Stayed up pretty late.
 25th: CHRISTMAS DAY! Elder Russell M. Nelson spoke @ our Christmas Devotional (yeah!) Called Home! Ate a lot of Candy. Opened our presents. Had Fun. Had a Talent Show. Watched a Movie. 

26th: Another ordinary missionary work day.
Sat  227: Another looooong ordinary missionary work day.
Sunday: Gave my Sacrament Talk in CHINESE! Sunday Night Devotional with Brother Richard Elliot & David Archuleta!!!! (YEAH!)

The best week ever actually!!

So for those that don't want to read everything you can pick what day you want to hear about the most & read it! ;)
The highlighted ones are my favs!!

Last week monday was our P-Day or Preparation Day. Just a day set aside for us to prepare for the new week ahead. My last email I talked about cleaning the Temple that Monday. I didn't expect it to be as great as it was!! I had the opportunity of cleaning the Provo Temple. We sister got to clean the crystals from the Celestial Room's Chandelier. It was an amazing spiritual experience. I love the Temple with all my heart. I love all it's symbolism that it has! The HUGE Chandelier was brought to the ground where we could easily and carefully take each strand of crystal off. My sisters in my zone said that it was the greatest Christmas tree they ever lit. It really was the great Christmas tree I've ever had the opportunity to make.

Then we had Tuesday Night Devotional. Bishop Stevens spoke. He said something really powerful to us missionaries. He said, "You are the Master gift givers, representing the Divine gift giver." We young missionaries all have been taught the Gospel of Christ and have personally studied it out. We are truly master of the fullness of the gospel. Yes, we missionaries are only 20 years old from America but we all have something special to give to the world. It is our own testimony and witness of Christ. 

Wednesday was an ordinary day. We were all excited about Christmas though. It was really was Christmas in our hearts. Some sisters & I stayed up late and ate Chips & salsa.

Then Thursday was Christmas!!! We had no classes, which was the best part of all of it. The morning started off with the a Christmas Devotional! The MTC keeps real quite about who is speaking for Devotionals. This time I had no idea who was speaking until He came out while we were singing. It was Elder Russell M. Nelson! Whenever one of the Twelve Apostles or the Prophet walks into the room we all stand. My zone & I sat in the first few rows just to have the best seats. It was the best Christmas ever!! Elder Nelson talked about so much. He is so knowledgeable. He's talk was about the Doctrines of Christ. Something I've been longing to hear about. 

The Doctrines(s) of Christ
  1. The Godhead
  2. The Plan of Salvation
  3. The Atonement of Jesus Christ
  4. The Earthly dispensations
  5. Prophets & Revelation
  6. Priesthood Keys
  7. Ordinances & Covenants 
  8. Marriage & Family
  9. The Commandments
My favorite is the Plan of Salvation & The Atonement of Christ.
Then around 4 I had the chance to call my Family!! I wish I could have called everyone that knew! It was so great to hear from my family. Just to know that they support and think about me really made Christmas Christmas. Love you all!

Friday & Saturday were rough days for me. There are only 4 more weeks left. Actually I have 14 days left here at the MTC until we leave. How scary is that??? With that in mind I am struggling to really learn Chinese. These two days where the hardest I've ever had. But my companions and teachers have been really helpful in supporting and helping me.

Then yesterday was Sunday!!!! IT was soo great!! It started off great. We watch Music and the Spoken Word that's always great. And then we had Relief Society. Then we had sacrament meeting. And every week our whole zone has to prepare a sacrament talk because no one knows who is talking until the our Branch President calls us up to the stand. It's very nerve racking every Sunday. Everyone freaks out. Including me. My Chinese is horrible. My branch President calls on two people. They aren't me. I was out of the woods I thought!! Then we had a rest hymns then our president stood up and said that there was time for one more speaker. He said: "I think I'll call on Sister Komatsu!" My face and little whimper was enough to make everyone laugh. It was only common for them to call on two speakers. It really was scary at first. And probably no one understood me but I felt the Spirit and I believed in what I was saying so I have good feelings. Then we had Sunday Night Devotional. We again didn't know who it was. Our Elder came running in our class before devotional tells us that David Archuleta was speaking! It so amazing!! I love that kid. I felt like I've grown up with him. LOL
Anyways I've got to go!!!

Love you all and a Happy New YEARS!!!!!
Favorite scripture:  Ether 12:27 

Sincerely yours, Sister Komatsu 

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