Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year !!! From Kelsie


It's almost 2015! WOW, how time flies!

 So much happened this pasted week! It was Christmas! Christmas was amazing! I don't know where to start or what to tell you about!

Monday 22th: Cleaned the Temple. Cleaned the crystals from the Celestial Room's Chandelier. Spiritually uplifting!
23th: Presiding Bishop of the Church: Bishop Gray E. Stevens spoke @ Devotional
24th: Christmas Eve. An ordinary work day. Stayed up pretty late.
 25th: CHRISTMAS DAY! Elder Russell M. Nelson spoke @ our Christmas Devotional (yeah!) Called Home! Ate a lot of Candy. Opened our presents. Had Fun. Had a Talent Show. Watched a Movie. 

26th: Another ordinary missionary work day.
Sat  227: Another looooong ordinary missionary work day.
Sunday: Gave my Sacrament Talk in CHINESE! Sunday Night Devotional with Brother Richard Elliot & David Archuleta!!!! (YEAH!)

The best week ever actually!!

So for those that don't want to read everything you can pick what day you want to hear about the most & read it! ;)
The highlighted ones are my favs!!

Last week monday was our P-Day or Preparation Day. Just a day set aside for us to prepare for the new week ahead. My last email I talked about cleaning the Temple that Monday. I didn't expect it to be as great as it was!! I had the opportunity of cleaning the Provo Temple. We sister got to clean the crystals from the Celestial Room's Chandelier. It was an amazing spiritual experience. I love the Temple with all my heart. I love all it's symbolism that it has! The HUGE Chandelier was brought to the ground where we could easily and carefully take each strand of crystal off. My sisters in my zone said that it was the greatest Christmas tree they ever lit. It really was the great Christmas tree I've ever had the opportunity to make.

Then we had Tuesday Night Devotional. Bishop Stevens spoke. He said something really powerful to us missionaries. He said, "You are the Master gift givers, representing the Divine gift giver." We young missionaries all have been taught the Gospel of Christ and have personally studied it out. We are truly master of the fullness of the gospel. Yes, we missionaries are only 20 years old from America but we all have something special to give to the world. It is our own testimony and witness of Christ. 

Wednesday was an ordinary day. We were all excited about Christmas though. It was really was Christmas in our hearts. Some sisters & I stayed up late and ate Chips & salsa.

Then Thursday was Christmas!!! We had no classes, which was the best part of all of it. The morning started off with the a Christmas Devotional! The MTC keeps real quite about who is speaking for Devotionals. This time I had no idea who was speaking until He came out while we were singing. It was Elder Russell M. Nelson! Whenever one of the Twelve Apostles or the Prophet walks into the room we all stand. My zone & I sat in the first few rows just to have the best seats. It was the best Christmas ever!! Elder Nelson talked about so much. He is so knowledgeable. He's talk was about the Doctrines of Christ. Something I've been longing to hear about. 

The Doctrines(s) of Christ
  1. The Godhead
  2. The Plan of Salvation
  3. The Atonement of Jesus Christ
  4. The Earthly dispensations
  5. Prophets & Revelation
  6. Priesthood Keys
  7. Ordinances & Covenants 
  8. Marriage & Family
  9. The Commandments
My favorite is the Plan of Salvation & The Atonement of Christ.
Then around 4 I had the chance to call my Family!! I wish I could have called everyone that knew! It was so great to hear from my family. Just to know that they support and think about me really made Christmas Christmas. Love you all!

Friday & Saturday were rough days for me. There are only 4 more weeks left. Actually I have 14 days left here at the MTC until we leave. How scary is that??? With that in mind I am struggling to really learn Chinese. These two days where the hardest I've ever had. But my companions and teachers have been really helpful in supporting and helping me.

Then yesterday was Sunday!!!! IT was soo great!! It started off great. We watch Music and the Spoken Word that's always great. And then we had Relief Society. Then we had sacrament meeting. And every week our whole zone has to prepare a sacrament talk because no one knows who is talking until the our Branch President calls us up to the stand. It's very nerve racking every Sunday. Everyone freaks out. Including me. My Chinese is horrible. My branch President calls on two people. They aren't me. I was out of the woods I thought!! Then we had a rest hymns then our president stood up and said that there was time for one more speaker. He said: "I think I'll call on Sister Komatsu!" My face and little whimper was enough to make everyone laugh. It was only common for them to call on two speakers. It really was scary at first. And probably no one understood me but I felt the Spirit and I believed in what I was saying so I have good feelings. Then we had Sunday Night Devotional. We again didn't know who it was. Our Elder came running in our class before devotional tells us that David Archuleta was speaking! It so amazing!! I love that kid. I felt like I've grown up with him. LOL
Anyways I've got to go!!!

Love you all and a Happy New YEARS!!!!!
Favorite scripture:  Ether 12:27 

Sincerely yours, Sister Komatsu 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Miss you all!! I've been great here at the MTC!
It's wonderful snowy day today! This week the Provo Temple is closed because of the holidays but all us, missionaries get to clean the Temple for 3 hours! It's going to be so much fun!
This week was jammed packed full of different things.
  • 600 New Missionaries came in on Wednesday'
  • Teaching a new investigator
  • New Roommates
  • Language assessment!! :(
  • Skype with people in Taiwan!

At the Beginning of the week I was going to the doctors a lot and walked a lot to the BYU Health Center to get some legal drugs. We've been there a lot lately because my companion & I are having a hard time to adjusting to the Utah's "not so clean air". My companion is also from Australia so it's been hard on the both of us.

Then on Wednesday my district & I got to Host again. 600 new Missionaries entered into the MTC right before Christmas! It was crazy and such a rush! The first Sister I hosted was from Arizona and she is going to Hawaii on her mission! She was so excited and ready to start working hard! I love hosting new missionaries. I remember my first day at the MTC and it was so overwhelming! So I always try to make a good impression! It's so sad to stand on the curb and take missionaries away from their families! Us, sisters, usually have to turn away when families start to cry. It's a touching moment when you see parents that don't want their kids to go but are willing because it's not about them. There are so many missionaries here away from home this Christmas. You can tell it's a hard time for everyone around you. But we all know that being on a mission is the greatest thing we'll ever do. I've heard so many missionaries, like myself, talk about how this Gospel has made their families into happy and blessed families. We're going around the world, away from our own families to bring that happiness to families in need of it's joyful message.

This message is that Families can be forever. Last night some sisters & I were talking about how we lost some people and didn't get a chance to talk to them about their lives. A sister mentioned that her Grandma just barely past away. I told them a little bit about my Grandpa and how He recently died too. And that I'm so grateful that I have the knowledge that I will be able to live with him again. Through this gospel I am blessed to firmly know that there is a life of happiness after this one! This is God's plan of happiness! This is a lesson I love to teach to investigators!

This week we lost one of our first teachers! Luo Laoshi. She's is the sweetest! I swear I've met her before! I told her that I met her on her mission at Temple Square. It was my first time going to General Conference I remembered her being in the Visitors Center. I remembered because of her loving smile ! I love and miss her! She left because she just graduated from BYU and is moving away. We were all so sad! She has such a wonderful Spirit! She will be deeply missed! We received another teacher this week that replaced her. Also because of new missionaries in our zone we lost some teachers to them too. We have a lot of teachers teaching us. They spend so much time on us, missionaries. I can't even imagine that they have real lives outside the MTC because they dedicate everything to us missionaries. They work with us one on one with our Chinese or with us spiritually. I'm so grateful for people like them. These teachers are usually return missionaries that learned that language on their mission too so they have a lot of good advice and experience. I am grateful for these teachers. I encourage you older people to share your past experiences with young people. You don't know the influence you have on us!

This week we also have a new investigator!  She is less-active member, which makes it kind of hard to teach her. She knows everything about the Gospel but just doesn't agree with it. She also knows it's true but doesn't see how it has to do with her life now. She fell away because she never had friends at church and she realized that all of them we're kind of "fake". They weren't really true members in her mind. She likes to party with her friends. She opened up to us about how she doesn't think God loves her anymore. My companions & I were heartbroken when she said that. She doesn't think He cares about her at all because her life isn't in line with what He wants. This was hard for me because she speaks so fast that I can't completely understand her and can't respond fast enough in Chinese. It was a touching lesson as my companion bore to her that God did love her and will love her no matter what she did. She cried and I hope she felt a little spark of love from our Father in Heaven. As long as she knew that we will be able to help build her faith in Him. 

I live with 5 other girls! It's crazy at 6:30am in the morning! We are a tri-companionship and so are they. They are Japanese speaking though! It's hard but it's good to have other people in the room. I'm okay with it because I've dormed with 5 other girls before at BYUI but I think it's a little hard for my companions to adjust. They are really great girls which makes it easier! They have to leave @ 6:30 in the morning and we don't leave till 7 so they're up @ 6 getting ready while we're trying to sleep for another half hour. It's crazy but that's missionary life here at the MTC!

So Chinese is still hard and now that I'm learning more I'm realizing that this language isn't going to get easier any sooner. We had our first language assessment, which is a "test" basically that tests you on your language skills while teaching. It's on a computer and your graded. It's harsh and pretty stressful. As the weeks count down I'm afraid that I won't even get the simple things. I believe I have three more weeks left here. I'm really really really afraid I'll get shipped straight to Taiwan. I do hope I get to stay in the States for a while and practice my teaching skills and then hopefully be really for Taiwan. It's scary! I have faith in my Heavenly Father that He will help me learn and speak enough to be a good missionary. This scripture has helped me this week with my language studies. It's from 1 Cor. 12:31 "But covet earnestly the best gifts; and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way." I will do all I can to study this language and get it right in my own way but I know God will then help me see a better way that will help specifically the people in Taipei.

Lastly, tonight my companions & I teach a member in Taiwan, Taipei over Skype! We're so excited and nervous! It's going to be great! We're teaching about Faith in Jesus Christ. This will help us be better prepared for Taiwan and get use to talking with people actually from Taiwan. I know this is Jesus Christ's church because no church in the world would work this hard to bring the fullness of the gospel to the world. 
There is a promise in the scriptures that says in D&C 133:37 "And this gospel shall be preached unto every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people." 
D&C 90:11 " For it shall come to pass in that day, that every man shall hear the fullness of the gospel in his own tongue, and in his own language, through those who are ordained unto this power, by the administration of the Comforter, shed forth upon them for the revelation of Jesus Christ."

I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This is Jesus Christ's gospel at it's fullest. This is the true church. 
To the non-members: Please learn more about our Church and this Gospel. It has so much to offer to your families. I promise that if you do this you will be filled with something that has been missing in your life and your burdens will be lightened. 
To the members of the Church: Do not take this Gospel for granted. It can build you up or break you down. You know this Church to be true. Do not live beneath your privileges that Heavenly Father has so willingly given you. Be steadfastly converted unto the Lord that when people are shaken and the world is uneasy take heart and know in Whom you have trusted. David A. Bendar in 'The Character of Christ' told this story that his Mission President ask him "If a Apostle of the Church left the Church for some reason if he would care?" Bendar said that he would be heartbroken. Then his President said that it wouldn't bother him the least. And then said that yes he would be sad and disappointed but it's not the apostle he was converted to but to the Savior. Yes, are imperfect people but Christ is so perfect. His gospel is so perfect. 

I love and miss you!! Please have a safe and joyful Christmas!!
(Here are some pictures! By the way I cut my hair! I've never had hair it this short!!)

Love you eternally,
Sister Komatsu

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

It's almost Christmas!! 
It's a wonderful feeling!! It snowed yesterday in Provo but today it's nice and sunny! It's so weird! I love it though because I can't take the snow and the cold.
Today, everyone in our dormitory had to move out because they are building more Sister dorms for the MTC. We moved to the older dorms. So, it has been a long day already. 
This week was full of the Christmas Spirit. It really feels like Christmas here at the Missionary Training Center. I'm so grateful for the Church and all they do for us missionaries. There are Christmas lights, decorations, and we've been having Devotionals about Christ and Christmas. It's wonderful! Everyone here is so happy because of it!

This week has been all about Christ. We have Sunday Night Devotional and Tuesday Devotional. So, there are a lot of influential speakers that come to counsel us. It is always soo great! We're all so excited to see who comes this Christmas Devotional! I have my dibbs on Uchtdorf lol. Probably not though! Anyways, This week was all about Christ. At Christmas time there are many ways to celebrate Christ. There is the celebration of the birth of Christ, there is the Silent Night Christmas, and the remembrance of the Adult Christ. I think I've always celebrated the baby Jesus with the Nativity and the peaceful feeling of the Silent Night Christmas but I don't think I've ever celebrated the Adult Christ. This celebration or remembrance is about Christ's earthly ministry, His Atonement, and His Resurrection. Being here at the MTC has given me that chance to celebrate the goodness and love Christ gave to this world. I've never felt as close to my Savior ever before. Though I've never seen or touched Christ I know in my heart what He did for us is true. I believe Christ lives and loves me. I know that Christ stands at the Head of this Church. This church is the joy in my life. I cannot thank Him enough. I am here on my mission to give a little piece of that thanks to Him.

I ask and challenge you all this Christmas season to celebrate Jesus Christ as what we truly remember Him as; the Savior and Redeemer of the world. In your own homes follow the example of Christ.
  • Just like He did give service to all. He healed people. He cared for them. He forgave. He loved and cherished all while his short time on this earth. He only lived till His 30's and did more for others than we'll ever do in our lifetime.
  • Sacrifice your time to those you love. Yes, it is hard but being with the people you love will make all the difference. Christ atoned for our sins and sacrificed His life so that we could have joy in this life and in the life to come. Life is fragile and short - We should not waste it on meaningless things- like hours of gift shopping. Cherish the people around you and ultimate sacrifices like Christ did.
  • AND LASTLY, Share the Gift!! This video is the purpose this Christmas. The greatest gift we can ever receive and give to another. The Gift is Christ, the knowledge of Him, and Heavenly Father's plan for all of us! Share the greatest gift this Christmas! I promise that if you open your mouth and do this God will bless you, the giver, and that person, the receiver this Christmas season.
Love you all,

I believe in Christ. He lives and continues to heal our souls. He heals mine everyday. He's there watching over every one of us. I cannot and will not deny it because I know Him to be the Son of God and Savior of the world. His love is everlasting, steadfast, and strong.

Sincerely, Sister Komatsu ( Xiao Song JieMei)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,
I've been here for four week already?? WHOA. I don't know how I feel about that. That kind of scares me. In our "Zone" there are only four districts and two districts are leaving next week. So we'll be the oldest district in our zone! What? That means we'll have all the responsibility! LOL, So probably by next next week my companions & I will be sister training leaders and our Elders are the new Zone leaders. And plus we're getting a whole new district soon! This is crazy.  Most of the missionaries that are leaving are going to Taiwan, Taipei, Australia, England, and Singapore. My companion Sister Haaupt & I are going to Taiwan, Taipei. Sister Giang and Elder Nelson are going to Australia. Two Elders in my district are going to Taiwan, Taipei too. But the other one is going to the Netherlands - Dutch and Mandarin speaking. So cool. Anyways we're freaking out because in about 5 weeks we'll leave and teach real people the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's scary to think about it.

Last week Wednesday my district & I got to HOST New Missionaries that were coming in! There were 500 NEW MISSIONARIES that came in that day! It was the best but kind of sad as missionaries & their families had to depart. I love how missionaries have a big enough faith to leave their lives behind to serve the Lord because He has asked. In D&C 18:28 says "Asked if they desire to take upon them my name with full purpose of heart, they are called to go into all the world to preach my gospel unto every creature."
All missionaries here have big hearts and their all turned to our Father in Heaven. It's so encouraging and wonderful!

My companions & I have four investigators that we teach now! It's crazy but it's wonderful! I need the practice! It's so difficult to express myself in the Zhongwen language but I'm trying. Every Saturday we have TRC, which is when we get a chance to teach members of the Church in Chinese. This past saturday we taught two lessons it was amazing! And it's all Chinese speakers that live here in Utah. It was so spiritual and uplifting. My companion who knows a lot more Chinese says that Sister Haaput & I are improving in our Chinese (Zhongwen), which is awesome to hear. It is almost our half way mark which means I've got to step it up and study like I've never studied before. I know the Lord will bless me and help with the language and learn what I need to learn specifically for Taiwan. 

I trust in the Lord with all my heart that I don't doubt about my ability to serve Him. Family & friends I challenge and invite you to come closer unto Our Heavenly Father because He anxiously wants to pour out blessings upon you. You need to be willing to express gratitude for all you have and be willing to ask for things you stand in need of in FAITH (xinxin). You must have faith that the Lord will bless you. In the book Jesus the Christ it speaks of Christ healing a young boy who has a demonic spirit within him. The boy's Father brings him unto Christ and asks him to rebuke the spirit. Christ asks the father if He believes if He can heal him. If not then how will his son really be healed. The man realizes that his son cannot be healed solely by Christ but by his willingness to believe. He says to Christ to help him in his unbelief. Christ heals the boy. During our trials and challenges we can turn to Christ  but it does not all depend on Him - but on us. Do we believe that God, our Father, can truly fix our problems? OR do we wait it out and hopefully God will step in? We need to thank God for all we have and then we are trusting and faithful in Him then we have to right to ask for His help. And so when we knock He will open the door. Hold close to your faith and do nothing but put trust in Him. For He is the Almighty and all knowing! 

I love you all. Just a few minutes ago my district leader notifies me that I have letters and packages. I don't know who they're from yet but THANK YOU THANK YOU! I looooove you all.

Heres my testimony in pinyin :) Maybe I'll have Character later. In the next few weeks. And maybe my grammar will be better.

Wo zhidao Yesu Jidu ai mei yige ren. Ta fuxing Tada fuyin souyi women keiyi kefu womende tiaozhen. 
Wo zhidao YeSu SiMi kan Tianfu he YeSu JiDu. Touguo Shengling women keyi gandao pingan he zhidao zhege jiaohui shi zhenshi de.
Wo zhidao Shen yao bangzhu women, souyi Ta yao women zhidao Tade zhiyi.
Wo xiangxi zhege jiaodao hui bangzhu mei yige ren yinwen Shen you jihua.
Wo ganxie wei chuanjiao de jihui he xuexie de jihui.
Shen ai nimen. Wo ai nimen. Xiexie ni!

Fung YeSu JiDu de ming. Amen.
Sincerely, JieMei Komatsu

P.S. Heres a picture of the all the JieMeimen in our district that are leaving & a picture of me walking down from the Temple. 
Other pictures I've sent are of the beautiful snow-less Provo, Utah all sunny & green. Then christmas lights they put up @ the MTC, and much more!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy Belated Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas from the MTC !

This past week !
Nov. 28 - Dec. 1, 2014

Dear Family & Friends

Happy Belated Thanksgiving & Merrry Christmas from the MTC!!

Love and misss all of you! I miss home and seeing the blue sky. It hasn't snowed yet and it's because of my prayers. It's actually pretty warm. Strange right? Anyways, now all I see are cloudy skies and half painted walls in my classroom, which is my home now. But, I love it because I've learned so much! I'm mentally and spiritually, maybe even emotionally exhausted! This work is a lot of work! It's so worth thought when I see the joy it brings to other. Whether they be other missionaries or investigators.

WOW! It's December already? We're singing Christmas songs in the MTC Choir. It's so fantastic! I really hope your Thanksgiving was as great as mine! If you are a member of the church I have 5 words that will blow you rmind and leave you jealous. I hope. 
TWO APOSTLES IN ONE WEEK!!!!! (can't beat that, huh?) 
Last Tuesday Devotional we had Elder Dallin H. Oaks came and talked to us!! Then on Thanksgiving Day Elder David A. Bednar came and spoke to us! It was incredible!!!! Then last night, the music group Vocal Point came and sang and did our Sunday Devotional! It was crazy good! I had front row seats! My district & I we're assigned to be Devotional "Ushers" so as we were waiting in the back Vocal Point was sitting back there waiting too! The sister's and I just got there to see our Elders talking to them. We asked them what they said. Elder Clawson (our district leader) said that they went over and asked if they were ushering too and they responded that they were a Boy Band. It was hilarious! This week has been the best week ever! And I've only been here for three weeks!! Whoa!

Anyways Elder Oaks talked about being instruments in God's hands. We are here to do His 
work. We compared us as missionaries to pens. We are the pens and God is the hand. We are to be healthy so that God can first use us. Then we must be filled ink, which is the knowledge and testimony that we've gained from our Father. There has to be enough for God to write His word. We do not write God's work. He writes His own message through us. And lastly, we are to only do His will and His work in His time. We do not decide to stop working or that we're too tired. We cannot take this work lightly. We as missionaries and members are responsible and accountable for what we do with our knowledge and our testimony. If it is just being wasted on things that DO NOT pertain to God and His work then what is our purpose?
OUR PURPOSE is invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, Baptism, Repentance, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. Our purpose is to bring happiness and joy to those that don't have it in this life and probably in the life to come. Our responsibility is to serve our Lord like is has blessed us. With diligence never failing. Then we shall be blessed in this life and in the life to come. 

Now, Elder Bednar's talk was a little different and I LOOOOVED IT! It was incredible! He literally blew my mind! I'm still in shock about what he taught us that morning! So, David A. Bednar made our Devotional a Q&A (Question&Answer) He had passed out hundreds of cellphones to all the missionaries and if we had a question then we could text him and it would show up on his ipad. He's brilliant. Then on the stand he slow began answering the more profound questions. The phone came to me and all I thought was"Wow, I haven't had a phone in my hands for three weeks now." lol Of course thats all I can think when a n apostle of the Lord comes and has all the answers for my prayers. LOL Anyways it was amazing! And so many people had such good questions: Here are some!
  • Why did God will Adam & Eve contradicting commandments? WHOA, right?
  • What is the best way to keep your faith while facing trials?
  • Did Christ really have a choice not to atone for the sins of the world?
  • When are we truly cleansed from sin?
  • How can I be a PMG Missionary even after my mission?
  • Sister's and the Priesthood?
  • The Book of Mormon: Evidence that Joseph Smith really translated it?
Such great questions! Though these questions are very specific Elder Bednar answered some of my questions in my heart about the gospel.

I'll just share one that I'm really impressed to share with all of you. It was 'What is the best way to keep your faith while facing trials?' I think this one was on every missionaries mind there. Elder Bednar began sharing this scripture.
And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.
I've always loved this scripture. It says that not till after your trial and your faith shall you receive a testimony or those things. Faith is a principle for action and power. We must first act to gain faith. The Atonement gives us the agency, through our agency we will inevitable face trials, and only through trials will we gain faith in Christ and His Atonement. There's a cycle if you missed it. We cannot continue with faith we will not face our trials head on. We must act in our faith. Then we shall be given the blessings and witness of our God. Are you willing to act and do when you are faced with trials and challenges? If you are then have faith and and you will receive your witness and still have your faith but only stronger.

Love you all! I'm out of time!! 

Sincerely, Sister Komatsu

Chinese is HARD !

Mom here again ......Second week at the Provo MTC.
Nov. 18 - 24 , 2014

Dear Family and Friends

My dorm is nice. Actually the bed are way more comfortable then I thought they'd be. They're so comfortable that I dont want to get up in the morning. There's six beds to a room so thankfully there are only three of us. We're barely in our room. We're really only there to sleep. 

1. My Chinese is going. If you read my little thing to Kellie I'm learning new things. Harder things like memorizing the first vision or gospel principles and doctrine or bearing my testimony. In sacrament we say everything in Chinese and for Sacrament you have to prepare a talk every week because they call you up that day to say your talk in Chinese! So I stress every Sunday now.

2. There is no time for studying! Like I said I have all the time and when we do have a break it's usually for lunch or dinner. PDays are pretty chill. We go to the Temple, do laundry, clean our rooms, write emails, and study. 

3. We found out that our first investigator is a teacher here at the MTC and actually he's our NEW teacher. It was funny. He just walked into our class with his suit and tie and nametag. It was weird because we were first teaching him and now he's teaching us. It's crazy here. The MTC keeps you on your toes. We learn a lot of Chinese but we also learn a lot how to be teach people and how to teach according to their needs. Recently we learned about a our new investigator. So we might be teaching tomorrow or sometime this week. I'm not sure. But the older sisters that have been here longer told us that we will soon teach lessons  to investigators over video chat that are in Taiwan. That's sounds scary but sounds awesome!! 

4. There are too many outstanding spiritual experiences here to tell you one. One was our devotional yesterday that was by the 2nd counselor in the RS Presidency(Sister Marriot). She talked about sister missionaries and she became converted to the church. It was wonderful. She taught about how the Spirit will guide you to say the things you are to say, especially in learning a new language. The day before I was feeling a little down becuase we roleplayed in class discussions and since my companions are fantastic I was so overwhelmed. I didnt say anything because I didn't know anything. We had companion inventory, (which is just talking about how we feel as a companionship so since it's the three of us we really needed it) Anyways I expressed that I was sorry I wasn't that great. I know we're not suppose to compare ourselves but it's hard to learn and study with them because they know more than me. Like I'll say something- usually its wrong and so they can't help but correct me which brings me down all the time.So that sunday Sister Marriot talked about how "you should be grateful where you are in the language because it will gain people's attention." She talked about how she was on her mission learning a new language and how people would stop and turn and listen to her because she couldn't speak very well or that it didn't sound right. She encouraged us that it's okay because it will teach them that a young person, like me, would try so hard to learn the language and teach this gospel. It does something to people. She said to be grateful and be trusting in the Lord. There are soooooo MANY promised blessings of the gift of tongues. But that it can only be used when we are willing, with confidence, open our mouths and say something. It was amazing!! I cried and my companion ( wode tongban) said that talk was for me. And it was.  So yes it's hard and it'll be harder but I know I'll learn with time and learn thing I'll never learn while learning a new language. Again it's hard  but "I know in whom I've trusted".

5. My companions are awesome. They're seriously not bad people as I made them out to be! They are sooo sweet and they really do encourage me! They honestly just push me harder. I think if I had companions that didn't know Chinese I wouldn't be where I am now- at a really good level. So, they actually kick my butt when I wanna be lazy mentally and also physically. They kick me out of bed in the morning. So, they're great actually! Heavenly Father gave them to me so that I'm great for when it's time to go to Taiwan.

7. Hows the food ? Now that I've been here for two/three weeks I HATE THE FOOD. Now, that's harsh but nothing is healthly. I eat a bowl of salas all the time or I eat Hot Pockets out of the vending machines LOL. Like there's burgers and fries all the time! Plus they always have dessert. I serious gained 8 pounds! No joke!

8. Yes, I need more clothes. It was snowing today but then it stopped. I pray all the time that it wont snow and my companion (Hu JieMei or Sister Haaput) prays that it will snow. So, I told her that if it snowed or didn't that that person prayed the most. It's cold. Also, my sister training leaders are suppose to leave soon for Taiwan but sometimes visas dont get in as soon as they think so they all thought they were going straight to Taiwan but I believe they all got reassigned for the next 6 weeks somewhere state side then they're going to Taiwan later. So, if that does happen to me when I'm suppose to leave I might need more winter clothes. But that wont be for a while! :) 

PS Thanks Mom! I'm trying not to get sick! I'm sure I'll just need time to readjust to Utah.
Here's some pictures from last week sunday @ the Provo Temple!!

Wo ai nimen!!

Love, Komatsu JieMei

Ni Hao Ma !

Hi Everyone !
This is Mom writing ....took me a few times getting Kelsie's blog up and posted ! So sorry started from the her first week at the Provo MTC . 

Nov. 12 - 17 , 2014

Dear Family and Friends!

First things first! Miss and love all of you guys!
Thank you for all the letters and packages you sent! I can tell you that a lot of missionaries were jealous that I was so loved!

I've only been here for six days and so many things have happened all ready! The first day I dropped off everything I had at my dorms and then they gave me, and I swear, 20 pounds worth of BOOKS! I've never seen so many Chinese books in my life!
There was a dictionary, two Preach My Gospel's both in pinyin and characters, a gospel study in Chinese, a Character Chinese bible, a Book of Mormon all in English, pinyin, and characters inside, and some others books I have yet to touch. I was so overwhelmed when I was sent straight to class where I met my teachers, classmates, and my two companions (Giang JieMei & Hu JieMei).

All the sisters in my district have some Chinese experience and are really good but the all the elders have never ever been associated with Chinese so they try but us sisters can't help but laugh at them. Class time is basically learning the gospel in Chinese! I have six hours of class time everyday and the rest of the time I'm either in personal study, companion study, or additional language study. I've never been chained to a desk before! But it was all worth it because last Friday was the first day my companions and I taught our first lesson with our investigator (mudaoyou) Yang Ju! It was amazing! The Spirit was so strong when we were teaching! It was amazing and the whole discussion was in Chinese!!! It was hard but I knew what he was saying and when I bore my testimony in Chinese I really felt the Spirit! It made me so excited to teach, especially in Mandarin!! There is something about teaching in Chinese that makes me even more confident then if I was teaching in english! What an amazing experience! I love it here!

My mandarin isn't that great though and plus my companions are amazing at it so it been a little discouraging since we have class everyday all day long. Its hard to keep up with them. But I'm trying and that's all that matters right?
I thought there would be a ton of Sister Missionaries but there are sooo many Elders here. It was impressive. Their all from Utah and straight out of HS though.
My Branch President is super sweet. His name is President Teng and he was very encouraging about me learning Chinese. I'm not going to lie but I started to cry a little because he looks like dad!

PS. To my lovely sister, brother in law, and niece. Miss you all and hope you guys are loving it in Washington. Hope to hear from you!

1. This morning I went to the Temple! It was awesome! BUT IT IS SOOOO COLD HERE IN PROVO!! Yesterday was Sunday and apparently every sunday is "Temple Walk", which means we "get" to walk up to the temple and walk around it. SO, with my one coat that I've been wearing everyday and my flats, I froze! I prayed so hard the day before that the sun would come out because these past few days its been so dark and gloomy. So, I'm not sure what I'll do when it starts SNOWING!!

2. Yeah, we have Sports day every morning at 725 to 825. Lately all I've been doing is running around the indoor track.

3. My box hasn't come and either has my skirt or my shoes??? It's okay I actually don't check my mail my district leader does so really it depends on him when we wants to check it. Usually everyday though.

4. I have two! Sister Giang is from Sydney Australia and shes going on her mission to Australia. Sister Haupt is from Springville Utah and shes going to Taibei, Taiwan. They're amazing! I love them! Hu Jie Mei is a sweetie straight from high school that took Chinese and Giang JieMei is way older than us and she speaks Cantonese fluently so she's going to" fast track" soon to leave the MTC earlier. Bytheway: I'm here for NINE WEEKS exactly! We're the only new missionaries in our zone right now so everyone is a "know it all" and preparing to leave for their missions.

5. The foods okay-ish. No rice, which is kinda sad :( But all I've been eating is Salad and soup because its cold.

Well...its been an exciting week and ending my first week here at the MTC. Will write to you all next week. Miss you all !

Love eternally, Sister Komatsu

Monday, November 10, 2014


Dear Family & Friends,

Recently I've been called to serve in the Taipei Taiwan Mission!! I'm so excited! This wednesday I enter into the Provo Missionary Training Center.

I will be gone from Nov 2014 to June 2016. In the mean time you are all welcome to email or write me letters while on my mission but if not you are all welcome to come here weekly and read my blog that my mother (Anne Komatsu) will update.

Here are my addresses:

To: Sister Kelsie Komatsu

(Nov. 12, 2014 to Jan. 12th 2015)
Taiwan Taipei Mission
Provo MTC
2005 N 900 E Provo, UT 84602

(Jan 12, 2015 until notified of assigned address)
Taiwan Taipei Mission 
4Fl, #24, Lane 183 Jin-hua St.

(Packages to Taiwan please send to)
Taiwan Taipei Mission
4/F, #24, Lane 183
Chine Hua Street 
Taipei 106



I am so very blessed to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and for the wonderful family and friends, like you, who have inspired me to serve my Father in Heaven. I am deeply thankful for everyone that has assisted me in my preparation to be a missionary for the Savior. THANK YOU & I'M OFF!

Love eternally, SISTER KOMATSU