Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy March!

Happy March! Wow, time passes by so fast and slowly at the same time! This week was a week full of emotions, life changing events, and memories to always remember! What a great missionary experience it has been! 

This week the great Brother Xie got baptized!! 😊 Super exciting! He was so nervous and excited all at the same time. So grateful for his determination and his desire to be baptized and come closer unto God! He truly has sought for God and I'm glad to say that he was blessed enough to have found the truth and was humble enough to accept it. Wow, what a huge change. When I arrived here in Zhongli he wasn't sure that God existed but now he knows who his Heavenly Father is and knows of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sister Clawson and I have been working pretty hard and have been learning a lot of things along the way! This week was full of miracles and little tender mercies every now and then. We met 2 of the cutest girls on the street this past week and set baptismal dates with them. We also met a really cool girl named Sister Lai on the street last tuesday and shared with her the restoration with her on friday! She is super cool and had a ton of questions about the restored gospel. There are so many different religions and even different Christian churches that many are confused why. We shared with them that every church and religion has a bit of truth but it isn't completely true. Sister Lai has this question of why does there have to be one - why can't they all be true. Please pray for her that she may understand and be willing to act on the the message we give her. We also found out that her friend is a member of our church! Stay tuned!
Last week monday we went shopping for some fruits and veggies at an open night market. Scary and cool!

Here is an Easter Video!! Love all this church media that is being created! Please use it to your advantage in sharing the gospel!
Love you all!!! Have a great week! Be safe and follow our Savior, Jesus Christ!
Sister Komatsu

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