Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow in Taiwan !

Dear Family & Friends!

Wow, it was the coldest week that I've been in since last winter in Boston, Mass! This weekend I had to wear gloves, scarfs, tights, and coats! I would have not believed it if someone told me that Taiwan actually got cold. In the summer it's super hot and coming from Taidong which is the hottest place in Taiwan I was in denial that it was getting cold till Saturday night. It was bone chilling cold and plus it was raining which was crazy. My fingers and toes were frozen literally. Then sunday came and it was even colder!!😬  A member was super sweet and made us these hand knitted scarfs! It was truly a tender mercy :) After sacrament meeting we heard that it was snowing outside! We ran to all look out the window and saw snow in the hills in MuZha!! Crazy right?! They said it hasn't snowed in Taiwan for 40 years!! Sister Everett and I needed to warm ourselves before we went our biking that day! It was a chilling cold and two american missionaries jumping up and down to warm ourselves definitely caught some attention 😁IT WAS SO COLD!! I was freezing! Thank goodness it wasn't raining because that would have been worse!! It was wearing two pairs of tights, a cardigan, a jacket, and a coat, plus a two scarfs, and a member gave me her hat to wear, and my gloves that I surprising found in my stuff!!

This pasted saturday actually it was freezing (like it was bone chiling) and plus it was raining!! That was a bad day!!
Anyways, Thanks for the scarfs that you gave me! It was truly inspired and needed!
 It was a great This week was also an awesome week!
Our new investigator that we've been meeting with has completely decided to stop drinking and smoking to live God's commandments!! 

We also met with our other investigator  who has been waiting and looking for answer from God.
I love the members and people here in Taiwan! What a blessing to be serving alongside such wonderful people!
Sorry don't have pictures of snow but here's one of us in our elevator!

Love you all!!!
Keep warm and safe this chilly season!!

Sincerely, Sister Komatsu 小松姐妹

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