Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy Birthday ! To Our Missionary

Dear Family & Friends!!

Hello!!!!!!!!! Happy Month of May!
Thank you to all those so much for the birthday emails, cards, and gifts!! It was a great surprise because it didn't feel like my birthday at all! Let's just say I'm old now in my actual age and my mission age. My sweet baby made me pancakes and eggs in the morning. It was a great day not because of my birthday but because it was a regular good missionary day. We worked hard, met a ton of people, and did all we could to help them be converted to Christ. To believe it at the end of the day writing my journal I was happy to write that it was probably the first birthday I've ever had of not thinking about myself! What a blessing that was.

Also Mother's Day is next week! Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there! Happy Mother's Day Mom!! Thanks to all the mom's out there and for the many mom's that let there kids go on missions!! 

Well, this week was full of interesting surprises! We were able to hang out with a lot of missionaries in Taipei when we went to a Trainers and Trainee meeting. It was fun to see old friends and cool to see new missionaries. Another surprise was our two great investigators decided to stop meeting with us and preparing themselves for baptism. It was super sad but it's great to know that God is still helping them figure it all out and great to focus on our other investigators that need our attention! We love missions!! Sorry it's a short one this week but I love you all and wish you all a great week!!

Love you, Sister Komatsu

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