Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blue Sky in Taiwan

Hop Pot lunch ...This members kid fooling around ....

So windy in Taiwan is blew our bikes down 

My Book of Mormon Scrap Book

Dear Family & Friends,

Love and miss you all!
This week was a beautiful week! The sky in Taiwan was finally blue. Ever since I got here it has always been dark and cloudy but this week was gorgeous! 
I love it so much here in Taiwan! The people are the sweetest people ever! This little old grandma sees us and tells us that were so cute! I turn around and tell her that she's so pretty. She stops in her tracks and stomps her feet and says "Naa" (which means no in old people language). It was so funny that we just laughed. The people here are such beautiful people - not in appearance per say but in their hearts - they have the sweetest hearts and they are always looking out for you. 

There we're so many tender mercies from the Lord this week! It was such a fun week full of new faces, new streets, new door bells that were rung, and much more.

The most amazing one was having lunch with May and Rosy, who are sisters. A few weeks ago we were "contacting" (which means that we were walking through the park purposefully looking for people to teach the gospel to) That day we talked to so many people but none we're interested. Then I saw this girl working out and stopped to talk to her. She was so friendly and her english was haihao (okay) so we chatted for a while about the weather and even about religion. I ended up giving her a Book of Mormon and a Plan of Salvation pamphlet while she gave me her number and facebook name. I called her the next day and we set up a time to meet and have lunch. On saturday we went to the restaurant and there she was with her sister! It was the greatest lesson we've ever had - not just because we converted them or that they wanted to be baptized immediately but that they were very sincere people. We talked about our religion and they talked about their religion. It was a beautiful setting - they even took us to a Christian restaurant - It was called 5 loaves and 2 fishes (LOL) They we're so cute! The sister kept saying that we were very brave for coming on missions. It made me grateful for the opportunity that I had to serve something as worthy as serving others. It also seemed like she wished she could be us, serving people in an unfamiliar place. We talked a lot and they promised to meet us for dinner at another time. 

This mission has been so worth while. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Rosy had asked us what we learned so far while being on our missions. My companion talked about patience - patience in herself and patience in this work. I found myself talking about change. About how I've learned to keep progressing and changing myself for myself, for others, and for the Lord. I also talked about having a good attitude. People here say "xinku" which means "hard or sucky life". Yes, missionary work is a "xinku life" but I know that through a good attitude it doesn't have to be "xinku". It can bring about the greatest achievements you could ever achieve and it can completely change you're perspective on the "xinku" life that we all experience and turn it into the points in life we're we seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

These pictures are of our beautiful week - I hope it describes what I've just written! I love you all!
This is my email this week! I hope to hear from you all next week!

Sincerely, Sister Komatsu

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