Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rain, Rain, and more Rain !

Dear Family & Friends!

Miss and love you all!
This is a new transfer within my mission which doesn't mean anything at all to me and my companion because we are staying together in the same area! YAY!
I've excited and nervous for this new upcoming transfer. There are going to be at least two baptisms that we're going to have - and hopefully more!
But Clare and Chin Chin are going to get baptized! They are two extraordinary people with wonderful spirits! They are excited to be baptized and learn much more.
I'm excited to be apart of their conversion story!

Chin Chin is a sweet women that just makes my day whenever I see her!
Clare is this amazing young women that has been prepared all her life to be baptized! She told us the other day that she was so glad that we were her missionaries! She couldn't express enough that we we're hers! It just sent a realization through me! We are apart of her story. 

There are many more that we work with. Some other progressing investigators and a lot of less-active families. 
I really wish I would write about them all but I'll save them for later!

This week there was a lot of rain, hot pots, and mosquitoes. 
A lot of rain which is normal (Here's a pic of my comp in the rain by our home.) Hot pots are amazing here in Taiwan. You just turn the pot in front of you on and they give you stuff to put inside. Hot pots are always a treasure hunt because you find soo many different things in there! I don't even know what I'm eating half of the time! It 's great though! Also, Sister Akita and I found our favorite place to eat at. We don't know what it's called but it wonderful because they have Char Su (Cha Xiao) and vegetables! The only down side is, is that there are always ducks hanging from their window and we didn't realize it till we were taking pictures! Also there are a ton of mosquitoes here in Taiwan! A TON! More than Hawaii and they don't just bite you - they attack you. Here is a picture of my legs just for photographic evidence!!

Okay, I have to get going but I love you all!!
Thank you for all the photos and lovely emails!
Hope all is well! I pray for you all!

Sincerely from a little island and a little islander, Sister Komatsu

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