Monday, April 20, 2015

First Week in Taiwan !

Dear Family and Friends,
I survived my first week in Taiwan!! YAY!
Wow, I'm still shocked that I'm here in Taiwan and serving my mission! Serving in the Boston Mission was a huge blessings that the Lord gave me! - Now, I'm starting a new chapter in the Mission life. This chapter is full of high expectations and the feeling is overwhelming! Let's be honest, it's no walk in the park! Culture shock finally hit me just like the earthquake we had this morning. It was a small earthquake that shook our building for awhile but it wasn't damaging - like this culture shock thats accuring! The language is hard. I already love the people here and care about them so much but it's hard to express how much you love them when you can't speak the language. I've been learning a lot! A ton actually in the first few days! I'm excited and scaried all at once!
Another exciting and scary thing is riding a bike on Taiwanese streets in the pouring rain! That was exciting! I've learned so many things about myself and about the mission life! Like how I don't know how to ride a bike, Elder's are good at eating food when members give us even if they're full, I learned that this language is more complicated then I originally thought, that it's actually a little expensive here, and that there are soo many prepared people here in Taiwan ready to hear about the the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!!
Heres a little miracle story: Last night we were walking purposely, finding the humble soul that was prepared to be taught. And we found her. She was awesome and she really was a miracle! She's comingthis sunday to church and meeting with us :) She speaks english so that was a relief! There is so much work to be done here and I already was church and the Spirit was full within my heart. Bishop had called me up and asked me to introduce myself - in my broken chinese I did - I told them that I'm Japanese (b/c apparently they love Japanese) and that I was happy to be with them in Taiwan. Then said that "My testimony is small and that my chinese is bad but that I was called by a Prophet of God to share what I know. I know this Gospel is true. And I love you all." This was my simple testimony because that's all I could say. Family, I know this true because I am here on a mission - learning a language I could never learn without my Father in Heaven's help.
Thank you and I love you all!!
-- Sincerely, Sister Komatsu 小松姐妹
Serving in the Taipei Taiwan Mission

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