Thursday, April 30, 2015


Dear Family & Friends!
Wow! It's the end of April - where did time go? Tomorrow I turn 21 and feel like I haven't done enough in my current lifetime! Wow, what a thought! There is so much more I desire to do and learn. Being on my mission though in Taipei Taiwan I've been given the opportunity to do just that - to learn, experience, change, live to the fullest, chase after something good, come closer to my Father in Heaven, build His Kingdom, find myself, and love like I've never loved before.
What a thing for a 21 year old women to say. What a great experience I've already been given. I have a lot to give and gain here in Taiwan! I've learned about humility, mercy, and true charity.
This past week we had a Mission Tour by Elder Gerriet W. Gong of the Area Seventy - He is President over the Asia Area. He counseled and trained us. What a spiritual meeting we had. He talked about the Eight Delights we as seekers and knowers of the Fullness  of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. These 8 have already blessed my life.
1. Families
2. Doctrine of Stakes and Priesthood
3. Temples and the Gathering of Israel
4. Having the opportunity to share of it's goodness
5. To prepare to meet God
6. Teach those you love
7. Be Spiritually bold and steadfast
8. The simple message of the Restored Gospel
Elder Gong and President Day counseled with us all about how we need the faith, energy, and love to press forward in this unkind world we live in.
I know that there are a lot of things that unseen by most people but I know that the Lord works my small and simple means to being about His work. I see it first hand because I am a consecrated missionary dedicated to this work. I see my God 's hand everyday that I'm here serving and the loving the people I cross paths with. 
Your prayers and love have truly helped me in this worthwhile and hard work. I'm very very grateful for all the experiences and tender mercies of the Lord throughout my years that have truly been my anchor and have led me to where I am now!!
 Love you all dearly!!!
Sincerely, Sister Komatsu 小松姐妹
Serving in the Taipei Taiwan Mission
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