Monday, March 23, 2015

Dear Sister Komatsu,
The Missionary Department has advised me that your visa to Taiwan has been granted.
President David Day Taiwan Taipei Mission
(Bolded and enlarged for dramatic effect!)

Yesterday, some missionaries and I went to Stake Reporting early in the morning before church. The Stake President and the Mission President, President Packard, were there for the meeting. LOL! President Packard sat down next to me and said that I got my visa and that I'm leaving on the week of April 6th! I was in shock!! > Forwarding a couple days ago my companion, Sister Moss, comes and tells me that she had a dream that I got my visa and she cried! Let's just say it came true and that I was shocked!!

It's a bitter sweet moment! I've come to love Boston and the people here! I'm really really sad to leave! We've been working with this progressing investigator who is awesome! We had a very spiritual lesson yesterday and I really hope he gets baptized and has those spiritual experiences he's looking for! And I've made so many connections with the people in the ward and I love walking around and talking to people in Boston. And it's finally getting warmer and the snow is melting. It's been amazing here and I'm glad to say that the Boston Mission is apart of my whole mission experience - not because I was reassigned and forced to come here but because I learned to serve and love the people. Because I really care and love the missionaries in this mission. I wouldn't have met such wonderful people and done such wonderful things if wasn't here. At the Stake Reporting meeting I bore my testimony in front of the missionaries, the stake and the mission president and said that I am grateful to have stopped here and had the opportunity to learn what I've learned. Elder Ballard said, "Through examining the trends in the missions, we find that it is not the area, it is not the people, and it is not the time of year. Instead it is the attitude of the missionaries and their ability to utilize and apply the talents that they posess. We know that a missionary with a good attitude produces good results; fair attitude, fair results; poor attitude, poor results. The missionary with a good attitude works with the people and not through them."                                                                       
I love this because it's so true. Your attitude or your outlook is the difference between the good and bad, the wrong and right, the "what ifs" and "what happened", and sorrow and joy. I don't know how I literally made it through this snowy winter. I don't know how I walked in knee deep snow to hasten the Lord's work but I'm thankful for the opportunity I had to test my faith and my abilities. I believe I did some good here in Boston. I'm not sure how but I feel like I accomplished and learned so much! I'm thankful for this experience!

Now, it's time to say good-bye to people that I'll never forget and turn my focus on the work and the people in Taiwan. It'll be a hard transition but I have faith in the Lord that He has prepared me and chosen me to move forward in the work in Taiwan. 
Thank you family and friends for support and love! Write me!
Sincerely, Sister Komatsu 小松姐妹

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