Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kung Hee Fat Choy !!!!

Dear Family & Friends!
Wow, it was a great week! So many things happened! Here in Cambridge South it's been getting a little warmer. I love it. We've been having a bad winter but now the sun is out and the snow is melting. The snow was getting so high these past weeks! I'm never seen so much snow and ice in my entire life! Here are some pictures to prove that I'm not that crazy!
This week was transfer week! It's a crazy week! I never knew that it was such a tense thing. Everyone is so tense and scared of being moved to different areas and having a different companion! I felt fine. I kind of knew I was going to stay in my area and with my companion. There is a picture where everyone wrote on the board who was leaving or staying. It's called "transfer prediction" It was so much fun! We all took a silly picture together and today we're saying our goodbyes! So sad! I loved our zone here in Cambridge!
Then on friday sister moss & I got a mini-missionary! She was too cute! She is from Mass and is sixteen years old! She was so adorable and was already ready to be a missionary! We loved having her! She only stayed with us for the weekend but we had a blast!

And lastly on Saturday night we had a HUGE Chinese New Years Party! It was amazing! There were a lot of chinese investigators there. It was awesome! There was a ton of food and there was a lion dance. This activity was put on by the Chinese branch that I spoke in sacrament in. They were thrilled at the turn out and everyone had fun! There is a picture of the PVC Sisters (Portable Visitor Center) This is amazing! I've only seen it here in Boston. It's mormon video's that play and there is a touchable ipad that people or investigators can learn about the gospel. These Sister's go where ever there are non-members which are at either at a baptism, at a church event, or so on. This is amazing! We took the 20 or so chinese students that were there around to each of the PVC stations and taught the gospel to them! It was so great! It was touching to me because I knew what the Elders were teaching. It just really was a great moment for me. Even some of our investigators came and I had a good time!
Well, I'm got to run but I know this church is true and that the work is move right along! I'm so grateful to be apart of of it! I've seen a lot of tender mercies from the Lord and being apart of this experience has truly shown me that Heavenly Father is merciful, kind, and knows me and my many struggles!!
I love you all! I hope your week is a great one!
Thanks for the emails and the packages! I'm truly loved by all of you!
PS. My address changed because I'm moving in an new apartment! It's 167 6th St. Cambridge, MA 02142

Sincerely, Sister Komatsu
Reassigned to the Massachusetts Boston Mission
167 6th Street Cambridge, MA 02142

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