Friday, February 20, 2015

Boston !!!

Dear Family & Friends,

I realize now that I just write too much! So I'll cut it down and give you the summarized version :)

It's record breaking weather here on the East Coast. Record breaking numbers and I totally believe it! I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MUCH SNOW IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! AND I'VE NEVER SHOVELED SO MUCH SNOW IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! I wish I had a picture of how much snow there actually is.

Last week we got to go to Return & Report which is a meeting that all the new missionaries and their trainers have a Q&A with the mission president. We met at a chapel that was next to the Belmont Mass Temple and attend a session! It is so beauitful! I love that temple and the opportunities I get to really deepen my understanding of God's plan for me!

Uhmm.. Oh! Happy Belated Valentine's Day!! Us and another set of sister's that live with us exchanged valentine's day gift to each other! It was so sweet! My "secret admirer" gave me a frame that had B. Mass & Taipei Mission written in it. Super cute! I love it! I'm so happy to be apart of this mission. Yesterday my companion and I were on exchanges with the sister training leaders which means that as a companionship we were split up for a day. My companion went to the Digital Mission and Sister Layton and I spent the day together! It was a blast! And as I was talking with some sisters in my zone I had said something I'd never thought I'd say while being here! Let me start from the beginning. This pasted week some missionaries that were reassigned before my district and I - just got their Visa's to Taiwan!! Yeah! SOOOO I MIGHT BE GETTING MINE SOON! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time! And the sisters that I was talking too had asked if it's been hard being here and not on my mission and if I'd ever just stay here for the rest of my mission? I responded that I'd like to go to my own mission and that I didn't waste two months of my time at the MTC learning Mandarin for nothing. I believe that Heavenly Father called me to Taiwan and that's where I'm suppose to be! And then responded to the next question that yeah it's hard to be here but that God didn't put me here in Boston for nothing. He didn't send me to the coldest place on earth to do nothing!! No! He sent me here for a reason and whatever it's suppose to be I'm going to do it- whether it's finding that one person who needs the gospel and teach them or just bringing others unto Christ. There is a time and a purpose for everything. I'm a missionary and where ever I am I'm going to preach the gospel and serve the Lord to my capabilities.

I believe that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. I know that we all individually have a plan that God Himself designed for us. I know that even though we're not teaching a lot of investigators in our area that we are doing good in our community - whether it be shoveling members cars out or shoveling random people's driveways or just being nice to others even though it's miserable outside. I know that the good things we do aren't worthless or meaningless but that will help in some small way and maybe it won't change a person's life but it will change our own. I've changed while being here in the MBM. I've really seen the blessing I've been given and there it no way I'm going to waste them on meaningless acts. This mission is forever in my heart and I look forward to changing everyday while being here. Missionary work acquires a lot of effort and diligence. It acquires consecration, humility, patience, and pure faith sometimes. 

I love this work because this gospel means so much to me. I am so happy to be learning more about my purpose and what I truly am to do here on the earth. What a great feeling of knowing and going forward with great knowledge in my heart. I hope you all have a great weekend and truly find what you're main purpose is right now in your life. - And not just, I'm suppose to be in school, or suppose to pay the bills, or suppose to just go through life but have a deeper purpose. I promise that if you do this you will see the bigger picture in life and that you will understand more about God's plan for you. You are not here on earth to live and die. There it much more. God put you here, in this time, and with these people for a reason. What ever it may be let that be your goal and focus. 

I love you all!! 我爱你们!
小松 姐妹

Here's some random pics from the week!! ( The city & a line of truck plowing the streets)

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