Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Dear Family & Friends,

Merry Christmas and a πŸŽ‰HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!πŸŽ‰

WOW! What a week full of miracles and tender mercies!  
This whole week was so amazing! If first started at our Mission Christmas Party! We all went up to Taipei to met up together at the American Club Hotel to celebrate Christmas together! It was next to the Grand Hotel where there Prophet David O McKay dedicated the island of Taiwan to missionary work. We were able to go there and visit as a mission. What a spiritual and emotional visit we had. So grateful that missionaries are able to be here at this time to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! What a spiritual christmas party we had too. 

Then on Christmas Eve Night we has our planning session and we then we had a couple lessons! That night we had a lesson with an investigator named Sister Guo at a Starbucks across the street from the MuZha University. She is the cutest 20 year old ever! She goes to college right now and is having a great time learning about the gospel. She is so sweet and is just full of love! She is always smiling! She says that her life is going great right now and that she is so grateful for all the things God has given her. As we taught her the Spirit was strong and I knew in that moment I wouldn't rather be anywhere else on Christmas Eve. AT the end of our lesson we invited her to baptism and testified of our Savior. She accepted and wants to be baptized!!

It really was a WHITE CHRISTMAS! The lovely Sister Lan was baptized this pasted week!! She is so great and wonderful! She was so happy to be baptized! She said she felt at peace and she really knew that these things are true. What a beautiful daughter of God she is and I'm so happy and blessed to have met her! What a blessing it is. She met with the missionaries and they started teaching her and then a few weeks later she was baptized! God is truly mindful of everyone and desires everyone to be happy!

This Christmas I am deeply grateful for the opportunity I have to teach the restored gospel and testify of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. What a blessing and a true testament of our living Savior!! I hope you all remember Christ this new year and seek to have Him more in your life!! May God be with you until we met again! I love you all and wish you good luck this new year!

Sincerely, Sister Komatsu ε°ζΎε§ε¦ΉπŸŽ†

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