Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy October !

Dear Family & Friends!

Happy October!! Wow the year has gone by so fast! Next month is November šŸ˜±
This pasted weekend in Taiwan we were all able to watch General Conference!! What a great conference! It has been my 2nd conference here on my mission and it was such a great time to spend it with other awesome missionaries in Taidong!

My favorite talk was from Russell M. Nelson, who is one of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He talked about women and about how our time is now! Women shall bare testimony of God and help to help build His Kingdom. President Spencer W. Kimball, a previous president of the church, foresaw women who would be women to organize, plan, make important decisions, and do great things to assist in this time of the growth of the church. He talked about this being a very unique dispensation compared from all the other dispensations. I'm proud to be a sister missionary in this day in age! What a blessing and a privilege. I'm grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope to do all I can to proclaim God's gospel with power and authority bringing many souls unto Christ! 

Every week I write about miracles that happen but this week was awesome! As we looking for a member who hasn't been to church in a long time we were able to teach a wonderful man named Brother Pan. He is about 50's and he was the security guard that day. We chatted and had a really good conversation about God and who He is. He asked if he prayed for money that it was just fall from the sky. We all laughed but said that it's something that won't make us happy. And God wants us happy in this life. It was great and we're excited to teach him about the God that we know! And that He truly is a loving and merciful Heavenly Father. 

Thank you for your emails and love! Continue to email me! Here are some pictures of the week. First one is a picture of our conference in a classroom at the church. Then a picture that says "I love Tai Dong". Lastly is the Taidong sister missionaries put into a small closet to watch women's conference!!

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