Monday, September 28, 2015

Ni Hao !

Family and Friends Ni hao!

This week was a fabulous week! Sister Walker and I saw so many wonderful things and met great people!

We met this cool guy while knocking some doors. He was gardening and he started to wave at us. We walked over and he let us sit down with him and we shared a bit of our message.It he was a awesome guy who had lost both his legs. He is very patient and just hops around to get to places. He was a loving and humble guy. Very cool experience we had to teach him about God. His name is Mr. Chen. He awesome spoke some english, which is always fun!

Another cool experience was with our investigator Brother Xu! He is so cool! We went over to his house with our member and taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Christ is truly for our own benefit. We taught that this gospel can help him progress and become better. I testified of my chinese and that through this gospel I am to grow and be better. Through faith, repentance, making promises and goals with God, having the Holy Spirit, and enduring to the end. We later in the lesson asked when he feels the most happiness in his life - He paused and didn't say anything. Then he spoke and said that he hasn't be happy recently. I shared a scripture 2 Nephi 30:21. Then I asked if he believed that this gospel can help him and can give him happiness - He said yes. WOW! I can say that that was the greatest moment I've ever had on my mission. We  then set a date for his baptism.

This week was Mid-Autumn Festival this pasted weekend. So many members fed us! It was barbecue all week-end😁 Met the sweetest girl from Japan at our dinner. Her name is Yuka Fujishima. She is here for home staying and was just down in taidong to hang out. She's learning Chinese but her english is awesome! I was so happy to met her and talk to her about the wonderful Japanese food that I miss from home. She isn't a member but we were able to share with her our message! I told her that I hope to go to japan someday. She visited me to visit her! 

Another awesome news is this wonderful young lady named Sister Lin is getting baptized next week. (see picture) I remember it was my first couple weeks here in taidong. I met her and she just hugged me! I thought she was a member. Only did I realized last week that she has been investigating the church for this pasted month. When I met her she said she loved me because I was Japanese. Since then we've been best friends. I'm sooo excited to see her get baptized next week!!

Most recent news is that I cut my hair!! It is hot and it was getting too long so I cut it. Well, my companion cut it for me!  

Sincerely,    Sister Komatsu 小松姐妹 you all!!   

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