Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lift Where You Stand !

Dear Family & Friends,

This week's email is pretty short!

There was a a lot of rain these past few days! There was a ton of thunder and lightening and there was also hail yesterday. Who knew it could hail in Taiwan?! So cool. Sorry I wish I had a picture.

Recently, I've been learning a lot about progressing to become better person and ultimately having a changed nature. Recently I read a talk by President Dieter F. Utchdorf called 'Lift where you stand' (A talk I suggest everyone to read!)
It is about many different people who have shown this example of "lift where you stand". This "lift where your stand" concept came from a situation President Utchdorf encountered while trying to get a grand piano from one room to another. The task was difficult and there were many there to help none could figure out a way to accomplish this task. Standing around this piano for awhile a brethren called out and said, "now brethren just lift where you stand", and that's what they did. Suddenly the piano seemed to have lifted itself and began to move into the room they had set out to do. This concept seems too simple but it is very true.

Being a missionary here in the middle of Taipei sometimes seems impossible to get everyone to hear about God and His Son Jesus Christ. I've been learning a lot about team work and what it means to stand where you are, weakness and shortcomings in all, and then to lift what you have set out to accomplish. I've seen many blessings as I continue to learn a very difficult language and continue to be a disciple of the Lord- I've had many great people that have blessed me here in Taiwan that have made it easier to lift the work.

Working with new investigators has always been the fun part about being a missionary. You get to see people change and change for the better. It's the greatest blessings. At the end of our english class we always have a spiritual share about the Gospel. Last week we talked about the Book of Mormon and read some verses out of it. After class a new student, named Jocelyn (english name), walked up to us and said that she wanted to learn more about this book and if there were any people in our church that could help her. Sister Oviatt and I smiled at each other and said yes and that we were the people that could help her. That very Saturday we met with her and taught her the Restoration of the Gospel. It was very spiritual and she was very willing to listen to us. This same night we were having a ward dinner at the church and a random baptism was happening for 2 little girls from a different district from ours (which we did not know about till after our lesson). Our investigator stayed with us and ate the dinner that our ward members had provided. I then asked if she was going to go home soon and immediately said that she wanted to stay to watch the baptism! I smiled and turned to my companion immediately. The joy in my companions eyes made me smile and laugh!! It truly was the best night ever!!

I love missionary work and the small ways that the Lord goes about in His work!!

Sorry family and friends but no pictures this week. I've been slacking in taking pictures :( But please enjoy this wonderful picture that I deeply love! I also love this story of the resurrected Christ walking with two men on the road to Emmaus. (Luke 24)

Till next week I love and miss you all!! Thank you for your prays and emails!!

Sincerely, Sister Komatsu 小松姐妹
Serving in the Taipei Taiwan Mission

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