Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My brothers and sisters,

Happy Halloween! Hope you all had a good Halloween! The way we spent Halloween in Taiwan was just me and my companion sitting on our beds and talking about halloween in America and about the haunted houses we've been to..Then someone gave us a ton of snickers! That's basically it. Sister Lindsay and I are really excited for Christmas though! 🎅 It's almost christmas! WE just have thanksgiving left! It's crazy!

Family & Friends! This week was a hard week!

Sister Lindsay and I went tracking all week this week! To be honest it was ruff. No one wanted to talk to us and no one had any interest in our kuaile de message! WHY? you ask. We don't know. We did a lot of decision making and praying. But through trials and challenges we learned a lot about faith!

We know that we are imperfect beings doing the impossible but with the faith that we had we were able to accomplish a lot. We were biking along a ride that my companion had thought to go down - I saw someone over a gate cleaning. We stopped and yelled, what we usually yell, "Wuan, you ren zai ma?" A girl popped up over the gate and stood over the gate to talk to us. She was a sweet 22 years old. She said she'd never seen missionaries and hasn't heard much about Jesus Christ. I had this overwhelming feeling to share with her our happy message, the message about the restoration of the gospel! It was awesome and she was willing to hear everything we talked about. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted! 

"And neither at any time hath any wrought miracles until after their faith; wherefore they first believed in the Song of God." Ether 12:18   

I believe in this statement because it really is true. I have seen these miracles play out in my own life and in the lives of others.
I believe this church to be God's church. I am just a humble servant doing his will! How lucky am I!
I love you and thank you all for your support and love!

PS. Here's some random pictures! Hope you have a amazing week!
Sincerely, Sister Komatsu 小松姐妹

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